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BoSs2KiNg's News

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - November 16th, 2008

It has been a while since I posted here on NG, but now I am back.... back posting on this I mean I have been visiting NG for like everyday of the past year.

Anyway I have been up to some projects as well as school ( sucks but hey gotta do it ) and been pretty busy. But now I have two projects that I am working on and getting started on and i am really looking forward to it.
Projects :
The Anti Zombie Collab

My buddy Jordan so graciously lent me his amazing 3d modeling skills, and now I have this full on mansion that we created. So I am going to use a mixture of 2d and 3d for this Collab, to one of my favorite songs by Rage.
So that one I can give a little bit away about, it is hopefully going to be 45 seconds long? I don't know we shall see. The story boarding has begun.

Now Some people may ask why I storyboard even though it is just a collaboration. Frankly, it is just how I work, it is one thing that helps me keep on task, and make me not want to quit. Because I have the tendency to open up flash make something over 500 frames, and then stop. Why?
It has no structure, not pizazz. So I want to do everything right.

Kick to the Crotch Collab

This one I just joined , with a new buddy of mine Camron23 . He is hosting this collab and really I just thought of this idea on the spot when he asked me. So I should finish that by Friday? Will see how much school work I have, but that should be good, I have a funny joke for it, lots of pain and blood will be shed. So that's all good.

Lets see what else have I done. Oh I made myself a fancy little blog with an update. It says that I will update daily, I mean come on.. I am busy as it is. I will try to update it every two days I think that's fair. I have some good story's to tell, so even though I am not as big as Ego Raptor or Hans Van Harken or Jazza Or Adam Phillips ( I can go on... ) Lol, but I still have stories to tell and I plan to make some good animations , so do yourself a favor and drop by here, it is great to here any feedback from anyone. Even if you just want to say hello... Unless your that kid who tried to stalk me the other day.... yeah don't talk to me if your that kid.


- Jer

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - October 23rd, 2008

Hey everyone!

The intro to what could be a nice little project going on, is in the portal. It is my first real animation , and In time it will hopefully get better. So please go watch the intro and get hyped, because whether you like it or not, I will make the biggest pilot of inside jokes, that will be explained, that you will ever see!

Go take a watch and get HYPED!

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - October 19th, 2008

HAYY Everyone!

Everything has been all good, been working hard on this new idea of mine. I have been working hard so I thought, why not show everyone a little peak. :D This is just a scene in the intro. It is funny to me, because well... It will all be explained. It had something to do with a school question about the dark side of human nature.... I raised my hand and well... didn't really come close to the correct answer .

BUT NONETHELESS. I have been working hard on an intro , and it is paying off slowly...

The overall story of this idea is just to spread laughter . My friends and I have had some pretty retarded times and some of them are too comical, that we need to express them for everyone to see. I really hope you enjoy it. The main characters are myself ( Jeremy) and my cousin ( 8=D Evan )

Make sure to check out the " Side Stories theme song" By Michael425( Check out his other stuff its mad crazzzy XD ) . He really did a great job and I owe that guy. You will be hearing some music by him and Evan... if he ever gets around to buying FL!

Yeah, as to plot line, there will def. be one... It just might not expose itself until later.

Keep it real,

Side Stories -Update, Screenshot!!-

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - October 18th, 2008

Lightweight Ninja
I just picked up this game called Lightweight ninja. It is a pretty old game... like 3 years? I don't know... Anyway I saw it while I was checking out, picked it up and the price was $1.00 . At first I thought it was probably old and not fun. But when I got home, popped it in and started playing , IT ISN'T HALF BAD ... For a dollar game that is.

A little bit about it

There are bad guys, and the good guy ( you) has to discover who the bad guys are. Then you have to save the princess. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU POSSIBLY ASK FOR? You need to save the world, get praised forever no? Well the first step to being a hero is not easy.... trust, friendship, sweet ninja stars, princesses WHAT MORE COULD ANYONE ASK?

It is a side-scroller game, sort of like Mario, but ten times better, with sweet Anime graphics :D Niiiice


Pretty much, to defeat this robotic guy who is taking over the world. I am on like level 3, but ehh.

No sadly. It is a side-scroller from like 04. But you can submit high scores, and pwn chumps

Where can I play?


Try it out, tell me what you think, but I mean come on... IF YOU FIND IT FOR 1.00 WOULDN'T YOU BUY IT?!!

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - October 12th, 2008

Oh god. My day, is almost completely spent on New grounds. Everyday I wake up, go on New grounds. Night time lets say from 300 to 10 I will be on. I should be working on flash. I am trying to concentrate. All of this is confusing.
How do you balance your time on NG?
I am literally on it 24/7
I feel like I am diseased.... :/ It is not a bad thing, although I have not been real social lately. Crap, I am a wreck.

Anyway... Work on my many projects has been improving! And I am so happy that things are working out. Lets hope I can pull things together soon.

Site soon~

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - October 7th, 2008

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - October 5th, 2008


Well the day is here, as well as the roles! Before I announce who is what, I want to make this clear

- Thank you to VAC
- Thank you to Newgrounds
- Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned ( I really mean it, if I have not got back to you e-mail wise, and you still want me to rate it, let me know)
- HERE IS SOME NEWS. Their will be many many parts that are still left to audition for. The parts here are more of the main characters.

So for everyone who auditioned, contact me(jwalexander22@gmail.com) if you are interested in participating in another character. I have spoken to a couple people about it, and it is not a rude position it is quite honorable and important.
I might do some voices myself one of these days.

But anyway to get back on track, I want to let everyone know that this choice was REALLY hard. Everyone did such a great job, and if you did not get the part, know that you did an amazing job trying, and you can still participate with some information that I am about to release.
That is right I set up the forums for The Dameon Colonys. This way I can keep updating on what I have accomplished. I.E I will post Character Sketch's and previews. The goal before 09 is to get a trailer released - All of that stuff will be posted their so sign up to that fancy community. = )

I am guessing you want to know who is who. Well here is the list.

Faen - Diamond Armada ( Contact me please!)
Troik - Sonicmega
Lord Mirk - BigK ( Contact me as well!)
Athwar - Sean Hill
Guardian - Jean D Vincent
Ariella - Maria Wolfwings

To everyone in the cast, thank you for auditioning. I will be emailing all of you in the next couple hours with more information.

I am hoping this project will turn out great with all of the help I have got. Thank you once again!
- Jeremy

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - September 29th, 2008

The biggest update yet - September 29th

Well everything is going along great, all of the auditions are coming in, you still have time for those who want to audition. I have plans for once I get the cast out ( which will most likely be on Sunday Oct. 5th)
My tablet is coming in sometime this week! So happy because it broke and now I get a new one just in time for the cartoon.

One change that has occurred, that as I was writing up the story. I felt that the name The Dark Colony's just really did not fit because I use it as sort of a cult or faction. The Dark Colony's are the bad group of Dameons ( which is also spelled differently)
So pretty much everyone is a Dameon( DAY-ME-YUHNS). Even the races, elves, dwarfs, druids ( ?)
Well a forum is being set up, if anyone has any experience putting up a forum or setting up a layout contact me.

I am really working hard to make this good. I cannot wait to get it out. And for those who want a little bonus, here is a bonus.

Script - Chapter 1 - Done
-Chapter 3- In development .ETC

Storyboards- Started

-Animation- Not Started

The plot is really tying together, I have everything written down for what I want to do, just it is not all formal with the lines. For those who are wondering what I am writing in and how all these accomplishments are being done. The program Celt X is just phenomenal. It is great for those who are not so good at organizing their movies. It's a real charm.

My buddy Evan( seconds2sundown- I think that's his NG name ) He is going to be making songs for me in the future. Just to let you know he will be coming up with some stuff. He is very creative when it comes to music.

Well take it easy, I will probably post again soon when the forums are out.

Thanks for reading!
+_-= Exendar=-_+ ( BY any chance can I get my user name to that? Just throwing that out their, its my studios name... Did I say studio? * WINK* ;)

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - September 23rd, 2008

Hey guys! Well my new cartoon is underway and will hopefully be out Min- Before Halloween and Max before 2009. I really need all the help and support I can get. If you like to do voices please please please read this and find one good for you!
Please audition for it! If you want a part , email me at jwalexander22@gmail.com All of the instructions are in the above link.
Thanks for all the help!
- Jeremy

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - September 20th, 2008

That's right! Finally got around to making a proper website. Thank god I can cross that off a long list of things to do. Now onto my cartoon. I have so many ideas needed a place to put them all. I am starting to learn Anime Studio 5 seems pretty sweet I dont really know I kinda like flash better but this seems to have kick ass features. ( plus its cheap!)

Anyway, yeah so the new Eragon book is awesome. Im on chapter 2! Hooray for reading. Ill probably read a little more tonight, and can't wait to find out what happens.