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The Dameon Colony's- The BIGGEST update ( so far )

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - September 29th, 2008

The biggest update yet - September 29th

Well everything is going along great, all of the auditions are coming in, you still have time for those who want to audition. I have plans for once I get the cast out ( which will most likely be on Sunday Oct. 5th)
My tablet is coming in sometime this week! So happy because it broke and now I get a new one just in time for the cartoon.

One change that has occurred, that as I was writing up the story. I felt that the name The Dark Colony's just really did not fit because I use it as sort of a cult or faction. The Dark Colony's are the bad group of Dameons ( which is also spelled differently)
So pretty much everyone is a Dameon( DAY-ME-YUHNS). Even the races, elves, dwarfs, druids ( ?)
Well a forum is being set up, if anyone has any experience putting up a forum or setting up a layout contact me.

I am really working hard to make this good. I cannot wait to get it out. And for those who want a little bonus, here is a bonus.

Script - Chapter 1 - Done
-Chapter 3- In development .ETC

Storyboards- Started

-Animation- Not Started

The plot is really tying together, I have everything written down for what I want to do, just it is not all formal with the lines. For those who are wondering what I am writing in and how all these accomplishments are being done. The program Celt X is just phenomenal. It is great for those who are not so good at organizing their movies. It's a real charm.

My buddy Evan( seconds2sundown- I think that's his NG name ) He is going to be making songs for me in the future. Just to let you know he will be coming up with some stuff. He is very creative when it comes to music.

Well take it easy, I will probably post again soon when the forums are out.

Thanks for reading!
+_-= Exendar=-_+ ( BY any chance can I get my user name to that? Just throwing that out their, its my studios name... Did I say studio? * WINK* ;)