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I'm Addicted to Newgrounds

2008-10-12 17:46:26 by BoSs2KiNg

Oh god. My day, is almost completely spent on New grounds. Everyday I wake up, go on New grounds. Night time lets say from 300 to 10 I will be on. I should be working on flash. I am trying to concentrate. All of this is confusing.
How do you balance your time on NG?
I am literally on it 24/7
I feel like I am diseased.... :/ It is not a bad thing, although I have not been real social lately. Crap, I am a wreck.

Anyway... Work on my many projects has been improving! And I am so happy that things are working out. Lets hope I can pull things together soon.

Site soon~


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2008-10-12 19:36:05

Thats not very good you should do . . . something other than newgrounds although newgrounds is pretty cool.