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Cast List and Forums for The Dameon Colony's!!!!!!!

2008-10-05 17:41:55 by BoSs2KiNg


Well the day is here, as well as the roles! Before I announce who is what, I want to make this clear

- Thank you to VAC
- Thank you to Newgrounds
- Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned ( I really mean it, if I have not got back to you e-mail wise, and you still want me to rate it, let me know)
- HERE IS SOME NEWS. Their will be many many parts that are still left to audition for. The parts here are more of the main characters.

So for everyone who auditioned, contact me( if you are interested in participating in another character. I have spoken to a couple people about it, and it is not a rude position it is quite honorable and important.
I might do some voices myself one of these days.

But anyway to get back on track, I want to let everyone know that this choice was REALLY hard. Everyone did such a great job, and if you did not get the part, know that you did an amazing job trying, and you can still participate with some information that I am about to release.
That is right I set up the forums for The Dameon Colonys. This way I can keep updating on what I have accomplished. I.E I will post Character Sketch's and previews. The goal before 09 is to get a trailer released - All of that stuff will be posted their so sign up to that fancy community. = )

I am guessing you want to know who is who. Well here is the list.

Faen - Diamond Armada ( Contact me please!)
Troik - Sonicmega
Lord Mirk - BigK ( Contact me as well!)
Athwar - Sean Hill
Guardian - Jean D Vincent
Ariella - Maria Wolfwings

To everyone in the cast, thank you for auditioning. I will be emailing all of you in the next couple hours with more information.

I am hoping this project will turn out great with all of the help I have got. Thank you once again!
- Jeremy


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2008-10-05 17:53:36