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Lightweight Ninja XD

2008-10-18 21:31:10 by BoSs2KiNg

Lightweight Ninja
I just picked up this game called Lightweight ninja. It is a pretty old game... like 3 years? I don't know... Anyway I saw it while I was checking out, picked it up and the price was $1.00 . At first I thought it was probably old and not fun. But when I got home, popped it in and started playing , IT ISN'T HALF BAD ... For a dollar game that is.

A little bit about it

There are bad guys, and the good guy ( you) has to discover who the bad guys are. Then you have to save the princess. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU POSSIBLY ASK FOR? You need to save the world, get praised forever no? Well the first step to being a hero is not easy.... trust, friendship, sweet ninja stars, princesses WHAT MORE COULD ANYONE ASK?

It is a side-scroller game, sort of like Mario, but ten times better, with sweet Anime graphics :D Niiiice


Pretty much, to defeat this robotic guy who is taking over the world. I am on like level 3, but ehh.

No sadly. It is a side-scroller from like 04. But you can submit high scores, and pwn chumps

Where can I play?


Try it out, tell me what you think, but I mean come on... IF YOU FIND IT FOR 1.00 WOULDN'T YOU BUY IT?!!


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