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Projects, and fun.

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - November 16th, 2008

It has been a while since I posted here on NG, but now I am back.... back posting on this I mean I have been visiting NG for like everyday of the past year.

Anyway I have been up to some projects as well as school ( sucks but hey gotta do it ) and been pretty busy. But now I have two projects that I am working on and getting started on and i am really looking forward to it.
Projects :
The Anti Zombie Collab

My buddy Jordan so graciously lent me his amazing 3d modeling skills, and now I have this full on mansion that we created. So I am going to use a mixture of 2d and 3d for this Collab, to one of my favorite songs by Rage.
So that one I can give a little bit away about, it is hopefully going to be 45 seconds long? I don't know we shall see. The story boarding has begun.

Now Some people may ask why I storyboard even though it is just a collaboration. Frankly, it is just how I work, it is one thing that helps me keep on task, and make me not want to quit. Because I have the tendency to open up flash make something over 500 frames, and then stop. Why?
It has no structure, not pizazz. So I want to do everything right.

Kick to the Crotch Collab

This one I just joined , with a new buddy of mine Camron23 . He is hosting this collab and really I just thought of this idea on the spot when he asked me. So I should finish that by Friday? Will see how much school work I have, but that should be good, I have a funny joke for it, lots of pain and blood will be shed. So that's all good.

Lets see what else have I done. Oh I made myself a fancy little blog with an update. It says that I will update daily, I mean come on.. I am busy as it is. I will try to update it every two days I think that's fair. I have some good story's to tell, so even though I am not as big as Ego Raptor or Hans Van Harken or Jazza Or Adam Phillips ( I can go on... ) Lol, but I still have stories to tell and I plan to make some good animations , so do yourself a favor and drop by here, it is great to here any feedback from anyone. Even if you just want to say hello... Unless your that kid who tried to stalk me the other day.... yeah don't talk to me if your that kid.


- Jer

Comments (3)

Woooooo!! Awesome Man!

sick man, i can't wait to see some of these projects.

And i'll check out the blog for sure.

That a boy Jeremy, glad to see you getting started, I am also planning to be ready with some great songs, by next year with my audio mixed in with you animation, we will be putting out money bags in wheel barrels dude! Can't wait, later man!