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My Cartoon! Is it any good?

Posted by BoSs2KiNg - September 3rd, 2008

Hey everyone!

My name is Jeremy and I have been working in flash for a while, and my friend and I are putting together a site- and blah blah blah.

Anyway he wanted me to make a really horrible cartoon in like a week. Its not good, I did not plan it to be good, in fact it almost crashed my computer. But I still put it up so we had some content. In the future I hope to make better more EPIC cartoons that have a lot of work put in and some sweet art details. So please just any feedback on this would be fine, let me know. This was the first flash I have put together in a while and like I said, IT AIN'T GREAT. so yeah check it out and let me know. Also I felt that this cartoon was def. not Newground's worthy. Meaning it has little effort put into it. The main reason was to mainly get some people to laugh or to just show people that we are working and the good stuff is coming. However I would like to know really if this is good? I mean I know it is not great, but if I ever did something in the future that does not require an hours worth of work, some real quality cartoons. What should I do to improve? Lay it on me. Any comment you would like to share.

Stay put for some sweet cartoons, I hope you enjoy this lame one, and look forward to my real stuff on NEWGROUNDS!
- Jeremy


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that wasn't half bad post it see what happen's

Thank you, well I will wait for more comments and if they really want me to I will.